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DIY Not?

The Five Fingers of DIY

So you just got a nice gift card to Home Depot for fathers day and you're ready to start your journey down the DIY black hole.. You've picked your favorite color, I mean brand. Hopefully it's not bright green or red because one is over priced and the other is Ryobi. OK OK, all jokes aside.. Let's talk projects. I'm here today to talk about some projects that are DIY Not? Some things are better left to the pro's.. Could you R&R the baseboard & install crown molding in your entire house, or tackle that tub-to-shower conversion your wife has been asking about? The answer more than likely is yes, but will you end up with a head ache and a bunch of wasted material? You probably know where this is going... The answer to that question is also YES. So let us save you a head ache, a bunch of time and frustration by providing you the FIVE FINGERS OF DIY. If you take the time in the beginning to educate yourself on the scope of the job you will be a much happier and more accomplished DIY'er. My goal is to help you successfully tackle that sweet DIY project you've been eyeballing on FB. Alright now lets get it!

Rule #1 (Index Finger)

is always over estimate the time you think it will take to complete a NEW project. If you think you can 'knock it out in about a day' .. double it. If you think it will take about a month.. DOUBLE IT. Trust me I'm speaking from experience, it never hurts to be done early but it does hurt to be done late. Doesn't matter if it hurts your pocket, reputation / relationship, or ego. Granted there are almost always some exceptions but it's a good rule of thumb to take your 'ECT' (estimated completion time) and double it.

Rule #2 (Middle finger)

is respect your tools. In every sense. Storage, maintenance, and caution 'SMC'. Obviously we don't want stealing our tools, getting damaged by the weather or some ill balanced fool (idk anything can happen on a job site or a shop) so you want to store your tools in a safe location. Maintenance and caution go together, because when you don't maintain your tools they don't perform properly leading to injury or material waste. Both are bad. Caution is another obvious one but some times this needs to be re-iterated for the guys in the back with the big EGOs. Just like I tell people in the gym, if you want to avoid injury leave the ego at home.. This goes for the shop as well.

Rule #3 (Ring Finger)

is choose your battles wisely. Could you design and install all new custom cabinets in your kitchen or re-side the whole house. The answer once again is yes but do you WANT to take up the entire shop with plywood boxes or hear your family ask 'is it done yet' for the 14th time? Probably not. Now my Grammy always taught me that everything in life is a choice so that's entirely up to you. But like I mentioned above, some things are better left to the pro's and the key to being a successful DIY'er is understanding the scope. You don't have to know exactly HOW to do something, but you do need to know WHAT needs to be done in it's entirety. When you're simply not sure about the scope don't hesitate to give Home Service Solutions a call! We provide friendly customer service and free estimates. Call or text today @ (727) 916-2447 or email HSSLLC2020@GMAIL.COM.

Rule #4 (Pinky Finger)

is keep it organized. Someone once said cleanliness is next to godliness.. You're shop will probably be far from clean or godly. On the contrary a lot of cursing will probably take place in your shop. But in an effort to keep the unnecessary bouts of frustration, time loss, and mistakes to a minimum.. It's a good idea to do your best to find a home for EVERYTHING. Also labels are key, duct tape and a sharpy will do just fine.

Rule #5 (The Thumb)

is to get a grip and subscribe to this blog! Here you can find cool new ideas from 'Project of the Month' post, and tips & tricks. Remember if you want to keep all your limbs intact always do your research, wear protective gear, and when in doubt call a PRO.



Samir Grouicha - Owner & Operator

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